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SANTI is an interactive visualization system that allows real-time navigation over a realistic 3D terrain model.

It has been developed by the research group VideaLAB in the University of Coruņa (Spain) since 1998.

The visualization is based on a digital elevation model (DEM) textured with terrain imaging from satellite, aerial photographs or thematic maps. It integrates different kinds of information with the terrain, including complex 3D models and vector/raster dynamic GIS data.


Real-time multiresolution terrain

Multiresolution geometry Multiresolution texture

SANTI has been designed with a high frame rate (60 fps) and quick response time as its main goals. The system is ready for achieving the best quality possible with the available hardware, without sacrificing visualization smoothness.

The terrain is managed using multiresolution paging techniques that smoothly refine the detail level as fast as possible without lowering the frame rate of the simulation.


Galicia Roncesvalles Blue Marble

SANTI is not limited to any geographical area. The terrain visualization engine is completely scalable in geographic extension as well as in detail. It has been successfully used with areas of around 200,000 kmē and with details of 0.25 m/texel.


Aerial ortophotograph Blended maps Road map

Different databases of paged, multiresolution textures can be blended in real-time over the terrain geometry.

GIS interoperability - networking

SANTI-GIS interoperation SANTI-GIS interoperation SANTI-GIS interoperation

SANTI is able to establish network communications with GIS software to interactively visualize any kind of GIS data over the 3D terrain, blended with the photorealistic textures.

Dynamic data

Dynamic GIS data Dynamic GIS data Dynamic GIS data

The GIS connection allow the visualization of real-time up-to-date georeferenced dynamic information for applications like traffic management or emergency operations.

High resolution dynamic textures

The player will show in this paragraph

The new texturing engine has the ability to interactively visualize high resolution raster dynamic datasets updated in real-time.

3D model integration

3D models 3D models 3D models

The virtual terrain can be combined with georeferenced custom 3D models: singular buildings, cultural or historical heritage or infrastructures like roads, bridges, etc.

Automatically generated buildings

Automatically generation of buildings

In urban areas, the 3D models of the buildings can be automatically generated from cadastral GIS information, mapped with aerial ortophotograph and generic facades to show an approximation of the appearance of the cities.

Multidisplay/Cluster ready

Multidisplay configuration Multidisplay configuration

SANTI has been used with multidisplay configurations in different platforms, including SGI Onyx2 InfiniteReality multi-pipe systems, PC based clusters and ORAD/SVG clusters.

Custom interfaces

Big trackball interface Big trackball interface

The navigation control system has been adapted to several hardware interfaces, including custom made devices.

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