Reconstruction of the Tower of Hercules

Interactive Virtual Reconstruction of the Tower of Hercules in Open Sim
Customer: Ilux Visual Technologies

Using the potential of immersion and sense of "presence" of the metaverse, the Interactive Reconstruction of the Tower of Hercules was performed. The symbolic and cultural property of this ancient building is linked to the origins of Galicia and its own strong maritime tradition.

This immersive environment enables the user to experiece with that living icon of antiquity, the "Pharum Brigantium, to perceive their spaces in scale, proportions, form and material which varied during the centuries, allowing the visitor to understand the various stages that this important milestone of Galician culture lived.

A key objective for recreation wa to favor "access for all" in the broadest sense of the expression, because things that would be complex in real life, like climbing the 234 steps to the lookout for an elderly or a disabled person in the metaverse are entirely possible in the absence of barriers of any kind, allowing the appropriation of the historical references for the whole citizenship.