Excavation of the Lanzada's Celtic Fort

Visualization System for the management and monitoring of archaeological excavation of the Lanzada's Celtic Fort
Customer: Diputación de Pontevedra.


The developed system is included within the context of a project for managing the excavation of the forts of the Lanzada and Besomaño, located on the coast of Galicia.

The project required an application to allow the registration and cataloging and displaying the status of the excavation and information about the objects, with the exact position and depth of each finding, as well as a low cost GIS which could see different vector data layers with different types of data associated with each entity as text, images or 3D models of objects found.

Following these requirements on the integration of three-dimensional visualization engine based on technology SANTI (Advanced System for Land Interactive Navigation) with a free GIS software within a system geared to archeology. This tool combines the power of visualization of the 3D engine with the power of GIS to manage, query and analyze geographic information.

The system integrates information includes 3D models of objects found and point clouds obtained by laser different times of the excavation properly located on the terrain.